Bus Visor NYC

Bus Visor is a location aware and speech enabled application for retrieving schedule information for Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses in New York City. It runs on Android devices running version 2.3 or later - very nearly all Android phones, tablets and watches introduced in the last five years.

It is integrated with Google Now so that you can get realtime information on your bus by speaking a request. You can easily determine which bus routes are nearby when you are in an unfamiliar neighborhood, you can mark the stops you use regularly as favorites for easy retrieval later, you can set the stops for your morning and/or evening commutes to show information automatically and at the right time and you can erect an imaginary fence around the stops you use so that you can get notified of arriving buses as you walk to the stop even before opening the application.

Bus Visor is free, does not serve ads, offers no in-app purchases and asks for no personal identifying information. You'll find its privacy policy is here.

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Click the Install button to install the application on your Android device.