Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

Bus Visor Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

TL;DR version

Bus Visor is a hobby project without a business model. You can use the service anonymously. Without cost. Without ads. Without sharing your data. Nada.

The longer version

Bus Visor is an Android app, a smart assistant Action and a Skill which provides information about buses in New York City.

Bus Visor doesn't ask for personally identifiable information and it doesn't display ads.

If you ask to contact us, and if and only if you want us to reply then will we ask for an email address to do so. We won't share your email address with anyone.

The Android version asks for location permission at install time which you can disable on recent versions (6 and above) of Android. As smart assistant it will use your location only if you ask it to find a bus stop near you and then only after it confirms your consent. On no platform is your location shared with anyone.

Everytime you ask for bus information, your request will pass through our servers (at whereismybus.xyz) on its way to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority because that's the policy of the MTA; it doesn't permit access to realtime data directly from end-user devices. Neither we nor the MTA will know who you are.

When you speak a request for information then it is Google which does the speech recognition and that may happen on your device or up in Google's cloud. If you have questions about how Google handles your spoken request then you should ask them what they do.

The Android version, but not the smart assistant Action or Skill, provides an option to get schedule information via a text message sent directly to the MTA and if you chose that option then the MTA will of course get your phone number in the process. Bus Visor will never send a text anywhere but to the MTA (511-123) and then only when you request that it do so and then after Android confirms your intention. Whether you will be charged for a text message, as well as how much if it all, is determined by your mobile provider. We simply act as middle man in this transaction and receive no payment for saving you the keystrokes in sending the text yourself. If you have questions about how the MTA treats your phone number then you should ask them what they do.

Bus Visor saves a handful (about a dozen) of your recent requests to make it easy for you to request information on a route and stop combination which you have previously requested.That data is not shared either.

You can view or clear the transit information we have saved for your device here. Have questions? Ask here.